Website Analytics Reporting

Ten years ago, newspaper ads were a smart media spend because hey, everyone read the local newspaper then, right? But nowadays things are different, and it can be a struggle to reach a hyper-targeted primary audience while staying within a reasonable media budget.

Alaska is a diverse state that’s geographically spread out and challenging to market. As marketers, we’re feeling more and more pressure to provide solid data to back up our marketing efforts.

When you need to know exactly how many people your marketing campaign reached, or how many Alaskans & non-Alaskans visited your website, digital marketing is strategic and immediate.

Whether you need stats on website traffic to track short-term and long-term growth, whether you need to figure out if most of your website visitors are experiencing your website on their desktop computers or cell phones, or whether you need to get to the very top of Google (= SEM/SEO), digital marketing and website reporting is the answer to discover how to make the most out of your online presence.

If you’re curious how your website is performing or what can be done to start tracking data in order to make actionable, measurable changes, contact Ashley.